If you have any questions, please email EmployeeGiving@KennedyKrieger.org or call the Office of Philanthropy at 443-923-7300.

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Make your gift in person by visiting the "We Are One" employee giving campaign table at various locations throughout the Institute.

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Check out our guide to giving to discover what gifts you'll be eligible to receive for participating in the "We Are One" campaign.

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Thank you for choosing to participate in the inaugural "We Are One" employee giving campaign. 

As an employee of Kennedy Krieger Institute, you exemplify kindness, compassion and good will. We are one mission, one community, and together we can make an extraordinary impact on the lives of our patients, students and their families. 

ALL money raised will provide financial assistance to our patients and families for necessary equipment and supplies not covered by insurance, and one-time grants to take care of basic living expenses.

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Donating is as easy as 1-2-3:

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Participate in any way you can! 
We're striving for 100% participation.

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Have fun and donate easily to one of your favorite charities—Kennedy Krieger Institute.

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Our Purpose:

Improving the lives of the students, patients and families to which we have dedicated our professional lives.

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Why I Give:

Hear firsthand why your colleagues are participating in the "We Are One" employee giving campaign and discover what drives them to donate:

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"I give to influence change through philanthropy. I give to help. I give to unlock potential."

Kellan Newby-Matthews
Events Specialist
Office of Philanthropy

Why Kellan Gives


Your time is just as valuable as any donation.

You can also support the Institute by volunteering.

Please let us know if you volunteered at ROAR for Kids 2019 or plan to volunteer at a Kennedy Krieger special event in 2019.

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"When I come to Kennedy Krieger, I don’t feel like I have a job. I feel like it's a place I go to really enjoy what I do, every day."

Kelley Marcue
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Department

Why Tom Gives

Jack Beebe
Administrative Services Coordinator
Montgomery County Campus

In Loving Memory

What Motivated Jack to Give

Tom Novotny
Director of Operations
International Center for Spinal Cord Injury

"I try to make a difference in people's lives. The littlest bit can make a huge difference."

Why Kelley Gives