Neurodiversity at Kennedy Krieger

Evidence shows that individuals with neurological differences in the workplace enhance internal culture and increase employee engagement. Despite this, their national unemployment rate remains high.

We want to change this dynamic.

We're proud to highlight our neurodiversity initiative, through which we're helping individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders obtain and maintain meaningful employment and community engagement.

Project SEARCH is a 10-month, transition to work program that provides hands-on job training through integrated worksite rotations, career exploration, innovative adaptations, and mentoring from experienced staff at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

The ultimate goal upon program completion is meaningful competitive integrated employment.


Project SEARCH

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Individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities have the ability, willingness and desire necessary to be an asset to any workplace.

Join us as we work to make our community more diverse and inclusive.

As part of our neurodiversity initiative, Kennedy Krieger provides several programs for individuals with disabilities who are transitioning into adulthood:

CORE Foundations

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CORE Foundations provides individuals of all abilities with opportunities and education to continue developing core skills that are the foundation for a successful adult life. 

We develop a customized program in partnership with each individual to support their independence. We support each individual in meaningful employment and community engagement. CORE Foundations is a DDA approved adult service provider.


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Meaningful Community Services 

Neurodiversity in the Workplace National Conference

HR Pathways Hiring Program

Kennedy Krieger's Human Resources department supports an ongoing hiring and retention program that integrates people with all abilities into the workforce.

The HR Pathways Hiring Program provides greater accessibility and modified job applications, interviews and screenings to qualified candidates with neurodiverse conditions.

Kennedy Krieger will also provide workforce training and development through customized, in-person Workforce Awareness and Inclusion training for Institute employees and local businesses.

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On November 7 and 8, 2019, Kennedy Krieger hosted Neurodiversity in
the Workplace: A Collaborative Conference Event

During this two-day event, individuals learned how Fortune 500 companies and other employers, large and small, are partnering with community resources, higher education and state agencies to build more inclusive hiring programs that deliver business results.

 Experts shared their best practices, model programs and strategies to hire uniquely talented individuals with autism and other neurological differences. 

On November 1, 2018, Kennedy Krieger hosted Neurodiversity: New Frontiers in Workforce Talent Management, a workshop for human resource professionals and local business leaders who want to embrace equity and neurodiversity within their own organizations.

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Kennedy Krieger Institute defines neurodiversity as a broad range of neurologic differences that endow an individual with unique skills, abilities, and perspectives. Embracing and respecting such differences supports equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

Community - Opportunity - Respect - Employment

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Education & Training

Kennedy Krieger offers workforce training and development through customized, in-person Workforce Awareness and Inclusion training for Institute employees and local businesses.

We provide support to each individual and business for successful, sustainable, and integrated employment for all abilities.  

What we provide to you:

  • Experienced and trained staff to support all 
  • Training to your workforce 
  • Trusted communication 
  • Job development 
  • Innovative modifications 

Interested in learning more about workforce training opportunities?

Contact Stacey Herman, director post-secondary services, at 

Business & Community Relations

In addition to individual support, business support, and training, we value community, state agency, higher education, and business partnerships

These partnerships provide opportunities for us to enhance our programs, and work together to increase employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities

Get Involved:

  • Provide job shadowing opportunities
  • Provide tours of your business
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Provide job readiness training 
  • Guide us in the skills needed to work in your business 
  • On-site career exploration opportunities

Interested in learning more and/or becoming an inclusive employer?

Contact Stacey Herman, director post-secondary services, at 

Neurodiversity at Work

What is Neurodiversity?

CORE Foundations 
Community Programs

CORE Foundations Community Programming offers community integration and social engagement programming through a series of events and activities. 

Programs are offered to individuals 18 and older.

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